A blending of strategy and creativity

We use the most functional communication tools to build the success of companies on the industrial market.

Brand awareness, product positioning and humanvalue: these are the keywords from which we start to obtain valuable, fast and goal-oriented results.

Straight to the point!

Strategic consulting

“We create strategies that propose new ideas, not new rules”

We offer a complete service of strategic consultancy, coordination and support for the management of all marketing and communication activities.

Sentiment and online reputation

We analyze your online reputation and how people perceive your company through communication.

Case histories and case studies

Through the techniques of storytelling we tell the way in which your product has contributed to the growth of a company.

Lead generation, webinar and digital tour

Today, generating contacts happens online, too. We organize lead generation campaigns with you by creating effective content for webinars and digital tours.

Fairs, workshop and events

We strengthen your image by supporting you in the organization and management of your events on the national and international territory.

Media relations

“The best information is the one born from direct contact with the source”

We take care of managing relations with the media and organizing presence on radio, TV and press channels of an industrial nature to present and promote businesses, products and services.

Press office

Thanks to our relations with the industrial press, we create press releases and journalistic content suitable for the world of industry for you.

Digital PR

We develop editorial plans and functional content by selecting the most effective online media for your market.

YouTuber program

We select for you the best channels and testimonials for your market and build with them editorial plans tailored to your business.

Graphic design, ADV and packaging

“We choose for your message a perfect mix of amazing fantasy and effective functionality”

We work starting from brainstorming to develop your corporate identity or to build advertising and promotional campaigns based on your goals and market trends.
Our creative department is also at your side to create technical or promotional graphic supports.

Brand identity

We create logos, brochures, catalogs and everything that can be useful to identify your company on the market. Respecting your style or breaking the mold.


We create images and advertising pages with messages that combine information and creativity, intended for promotional communications or for printing.


We create images and advertising pages with messages that combine information and creativity, intended for promotional communications or for printing.


We design and customize the design of packages and packaging to make your products memorable even before use.


“We develop your web presence with the aim of generating relationships, not links”

In Promix you will find a trusted partner for the creation of your website or e-commerce, from design to planning up to SEO positioning, to emerge on search engines. Do you just need to refresh your image without disrupting your website? Don’t worry, our web designers will be able to support you in the restyling process to renew your online presence.

Web design

Do you want to give new visibility to your website? We offer you qualified expertise to renew your online image.

Web development

Our team of developers guarantees the creation and development of responsive, effective, dynamic and tailored websites for the growing industry.


We develop secure and customized e-commerce sites, with responsive designs for use on smartphones and tablets, optimized on search engines.


We optimize your site to increase your online visibility and get the best organic positioning on search engines.

Social media management

“Social networks are not a technology but a conversation, whether you are there or not. Do you really want to stay out of it?”

We take care of your digital presence by building and managing company pages on the best social networks, starting with a preliminary analysis of the market, the specific target and your objectives.

Page architecture

We create, optimize and implement your company pages on social networks, with graphics and contents that speak the language of your company.


Social media managers and content creators specialized in industrial copywriting, at your side to communicate news, curiosities and values of your company.

Monitoring and analysis

We analyze and monitor your market through social networks to generate content that supports your commercial actions.


“A well done video hits the conscience and shakes the emotions”

The value of the message in a functional marketing strategy passes through the creation of engaging, exciting, instructive videos that can explain and surprise. Promix’s creative team is qualified to create professional videos and formats, always using a technical and entertaining visual language, suitable for the industrial market.

We are also authorized to use drones for aerial video shooting.


We tell the story of your company through the professional style of truly effective videos with attention to every detail, tailored to the industry.


We tell the story of your company through the professional style of truly effective videos with attention to every detail, tailored to the industry.


From idea to editing: we create commercials and advertising videos for the promotion of corporate products and services.

3D Animation

We create 3D animations, three-dimensional simulations and realistic photo renderings for the manufacturing sector.


“We transform your story into images and tell the world your value”

Functional communication requires the support of effective images. “An image is worth a thousand words“, is an ancient but always current motto, because our brain processes and preserves images, favoring them over any other form of language. Therefore, the photographic visual becomes fundamental for a company that wants to effectively communicate professionalism, efficiency and authority.

Promix takes care of carrying out photographic services on site or outside.
We also have a photographic studio equipped for the realization of product shooting.

Corporate portraits

People are the beating heart of every business: we tell their company story through the image, with professional photographic portraits.

Product still life

We support corporate communication by capturing your products in a professional manner, to show their shapes and characteristics that make them unique.


Production area, corporate or sporting events, congresses and team building: we create company reports to enhance your business.